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“Helpline” takes on a whole new meaning

Internet gamblers probably saved the life of one of their number when 55-year-old Darlene Laurie was rescued after collapsing at her computer. Darlene, who has lupus and is wheelchair-bound, lives in Canada but has good friends in the fellow gamblers with whom she interacts on the internet.

This week, despite being hundreds of miles away, other members of her chat room group in the USA identified her 911 chat room distress call and contacted her local police force to warn that she was in trouble. It saved her life.

Members in the chat room had been concerned for Darlene’s health after earlier complaints about blurred vision and headaches.

After receiving the 911 call from the States, police broke down her door and found her semi conscious on the floor. A neighbour, witnessing the ordeal, immediately hit the keyboard of Darlene’s computer to inform her worried Internet friends that she was safe and on her way to the hospital. Without the help of her chat room friends Darlene would have remained immobile and semi-conscious on the floor until the following morning when a friend normally arrives.


This one may not last a year

Gambling Grumbles over at has been trying to help a player recover some $1700 from USA Casino, but the manager no longer responds to emails, the Live Chat is down and payouts have slowed to an extent that it truly complements their Slot Gacor casino name. And he’s not the only problem they have. It seems that they may have run out of creative excuses for their payout difficulties, because to date they have used all the faves, like “we have had a change of processors; an extremely large volume of transactions slowed us down; there were miscommunications with PayPal; the client had an error on his address; a batch of transactions slipped through the cracks” These have all been well-used. The casino is one of those Gambling Software Systems powered operations, so don’t expect too much help from that quarter. You can read the sorry details at GG. Editor’s note: I have been trying to assist players of this casino as well. No response. Do NOT play at GSS casinos.

Citadel hassles

Reports coming in from players at casinos like Colosseum, Jackpots In A Flash and Royal Plaza (possibly others) indicate that they are experiencing slow service from the Citadel financial option to fund their accounts. At least one casino (Jackpots in a Flash) has taken action this week by suspending the use of Citadel until its “technical difficulties” are sorted out. The recommendation is that players switch to NetTeller, PrePaidATM or Firepay in the meantime.

Prism problems

RTG-powered Prism casino has a close relationship with the notorious Virtual Casino and has been taking flak for some strange tricks lately. This week several players were denied winnings at the casino’s Pontoon BJ because the casino alleged that the software had malfunctioned. Winning players were told they would have their deposits refunded, and the malfunction was decribed by a casino email in the following terms “Imagine this: It is similar to having a slots machine that suddenly went haywire and paid a jackpot to every single client on their first pull.” Real Time Gaming may have many shortcomings, but bum software is not one of them…in fact their download software is widely held to be among the best around, which creates some doubts about this claim. And the alleged malfunction does not seem to have affected any other RTG casino. Stop Press: RTG’s reaction to our questions must have been immediate and direct, because as we went to press Prism management appeared on the message boards denying that there had been any “malfunctions or glitches” with RTG software and offering to redress the problems of any player prejudiced by the “erroneous” email sent from their casino. Kudos to RTG for bringing these people to order.



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