December 3, 2023
Galactic preschool theory

Galactic preschool theory




Two news items of note have come up in the past week. First, as part of their thoughtful series on “UFO Travel,” the Web site noted the alien abduction room in Osaka, Japan’s Hotel Loire.


While the hotel’s needs required that many elements of the room be less subtle that we often like to see, it nevertheless represents how effectively AAI’s talented scenario and environment designers can turn a client’s vision into vibrant reality.


Our Japanese customers can expect to see some new Abduction Experience™ scenarios coming out soon to take advantage of this great new resource in Osaka! (And yes, we agree that Star Wars was a poor choice for the standard video feed—AAI customers can expect to enjoy one of our pre-impantation conditioning videos, or other video from our para-abductology library archives.)


Our second news item is unfortunately less positive, but extremely important nonetheless: Dr. Roger Leir’s keynote presentation at New Zealand’s prestigious UFOCUS conference was rather poorly received.


Once again we must emphasize: any clients who choose to sign up for the lecture tour add-on to supplement their Abduction Experience™ must be sure to limit their presentations to include exclusively the implanted information and supplemental presentation materials.


While we’re pleased to see the degree of confidence inspired by our implanted materials, please remember that our presentations (and your memories of the associated public speaking) are created by experienced professionals. Diverging from the set presentation may result in an inconsistent, unconvincing, or wildly erratic performance, and as lecture tour participants are booked for high-profile, quality events, your audience will see the difference.


Crop Circle Commendations!


Front yard crop circles have held a spot on Galactic preschool theory as one of our top Abduction Experience add-ons since their introduction in 1998 — they’re a great way to spark discussion of your interests with friends and neighbors!


Because we know how difficult it can be to design and execute even a small-scale crop circle, we here at AAI are extremely impressed by the work of this group of Oregon students. In less than 24 hours, these enterprising individuals created a crop circle that our own implementation team would be proud of. Our congratulations to all involved!