Player Describes Premier toto sgp Bingo As “The Best On The Net”

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Shortly after winning a huge $8,651.01 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Premier Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “lcnic” for a quick chat.


This was her first ever Jackpot win so she was more than surprised: “I was in total shock. It took a few minutes of staring at it before I could start to believe it. I had played all day and night for the jackpot but I never expected to win a JP. I’ve been playing on and off for almost 5 years and never won a JP.”


The winnings most certainly came in handy: “I’ve been toto sgp wondering how to find the money to put a new roof on my home. Now when it rains I’ll be able to keep the pots and pans in the cabinet.″


She concluded the interview by praising Premier Bingo and the rest of the Bingo Entertainment bingo sites: “Premier Bingo, along with the sister sites are the best on the net. I wish there was a way to tell everyone on the net not to waste their money or their time playing anywhere else. These sites are the top of the line, with the best games and people and the best chances to ever get to do a cashout.”


Latest Progressive Jackpot Win at Paramount Bingo


Shortly after winning an amazing $1,970.37 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Paramount Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “sallyannie” for a quick chat.


In testament that you don’t have to be present in order to win: “I was very excited when I won the jackpot. I played on auto during the night so I was not even awake when it happened.″


After playing for about a year this is what she had to say about her winnings: “My daughter is getting married in about 2 years so some of the money will go towards her wedding.”


Her advice to other bingo players: “Just keep playing; it could happen to you! Paramount Bingo is the best and the roomies are very nice.″


Latest Inspiring Win at BINGOGALA™


Another marvelous $11,583.32 progressive bingo jackpot win at BINGOGALA™ prompted us to interview the lucky player, nicknamed “SuckItUpPrincess” for a quick chat.


Winning this jackpot was truly a memorable experience: “I was thrilled and surprised! My wife woke me up to see it; she was watching and yelled at me. I had just gone to bed and left my game running in auto. My wife was watching and told me I was green at 7tg to JP, then yellow at 4tg to JP. She typed in chat; whatever you do Fred don’t call O68, he almost listened too, but on the last ball to JP he actually called it!”


It’s been a while since they’ve been playing for a Jackpot: “I have been playing at Bingo Gala 5 ½ years, almost since it opened. My wife and I are regulars. No matter how high the JP is we are always playing. I have won a couple of set JP’s but this is the only progressive jackpot I have ever won and the most money I have ever won! ″


“I bought a new laptop so I can take Bingo Gala everywhere and my wife doesn’t have to fight for the other laptop!” was the reply to what they plan to do with their winnings.


“SuckItUpPrincess” was more than happy to advise other bingo players: “It happens when you least expect it. I play the same number of cards all the time, pretty average I think, and this time it sure paid off.″


As far as what makes Bingo Gala their preferred site: “It has the best graphics, best pots and best CM’s online! Stick in there roomies, your day will come!”




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