Natural constituent on behalf of Skin care

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At this instant a days every one very carrying about their skin care and hair care and using are so many types of cosmetics and treatment for it but it is not necessary effect of their product and cosmetic is accordingly to your hope. Hey no need to worry yar I have five magic which is miracle for you so do not think more see this miracle and with it.

skin-care Natural constituent on behalf of Skin care

The first miracle is Argan oil- argan oil is the richest source of beauty vitamin means vitamin E which is help to increase beauty of your face and your hair with essential fatty acids and antioxidant in a large amount. kukui nut oil refill with vitamins A, C and E with anti oxidant which is help to make the skin smooth silky and shiny it can easily go in in the skin and can easily absorb in the skin moreover assist full for dry skin to make it smooth and shiny plus remove roughness of the skin. Kokum butter is used for removal of the dead skin and increases the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. It is protect dry skin.

Second miracle is the Acai which is an anti aging product with anti oxidant amino acids, essentials omegas, fiber and protein and helps to protect skin and hair both. The third one is Goji berries also known as wolf berries in the Himalaya and help to enhance up immune system. Baobab is the fourth miracle in which contains vitamin A, C, D and E with riboflavin and niacin plus anti aging property.Acerola is the fifth one which is the richest source of the vitamin C and helps in skin redness and skin inflammation. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

In favor of beautiful hair

Beautiful, long, silky and shiny hair increases the beauty of your and every one means women wants to silky shiny and beautiful hair and for this they used various types of product and treatments. At the present time those product which is comes in the market and promise about their product it is good product but they do not, it is not necessary they are good according to your hope. Always use natural product because its not have any side effects and any type of chemicals that’s y they not harmful for hair.

natural-hair-care In favor of beautiful hair

Oil is the best for your hair it helps to make your hair silky and strong and prevent your hair from dryness. Oil is give more moisture for hair and the oil can use another ways also the mixture of oil and honey which is make your hair shiny and smooth. Which is take in a ratio of 2 tablespoons oil to 1 tablespoon honey and massage into your hair. Allow it sit for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. At the time of washing avoid the shampoo.

Eggs is the best natural conditioners for your hair it make hair silky and shiny.

Mayonnaise is the deep conditioners and good for dry and over progression hair.

Maple syrup is the natural hair conditioners massage with them on hair and sit for ten minutes and then wash hairs.




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