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Profile backlinks are so important to link building strategy especially when it comes to search engine optimization. It is just unfortunate that a lot of webmasters and SEO experts choose to be lazy about building quality profile backlinks. Taking the challenge to create backlinks from the forum and social media profiles will have a significant impact on your website overall rankings and will also tremendously increase your visibility in search engines.


profile backlinks


So what is profile Backlinks

Profile backlinks are those URL you include in the link section of your profile when creating an account on social media, forums and sometimes professional profile accounts. Those sites provide some space for you to fill or list your website. when you enter your URL in that space and complete your profile. Search engines index your website on those sites and your URL become linked to those websites. That becomes a backlink known as profile backlinks link shown in the picture below


How do you benefit from those links?

The most important benefits from those CHEAP SMM PANEL FOR KIND OF SOCIAL MEDIA links are that most of them become Dofollow backlinks from very high Domain Authority (DA) and page Authority (PA). for example, when you consider google plus. Having your URL listed on your Google plus account automatically gives you high Dofollow backlinks. These backlinks help increase your website domain authority and page authority because of the little authority they share with you. As a result, your website and pages get better rankings and visibility in search engines and social networks.


Now I will list and discuss the few benefits I profile backlinks could provide for your website and online business


Increase your traffic and clicks

More often when people visit your profile on social media or any of those sites you list your websites, they happen to see those links and with curiosity, they click on them and visit your website and pages. That also have its positive impact on rankings. This is because, the more people interact with your content, the more search engines think they are valued and rank them better in SERPs.


Increase your rankings

Backlinks are an important criterion for ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing as you might probably know. Having those profile backlinks helps search engines to value your website and content more and improve your rankings. Those backlinks are like recommendations telling search engines how trustworthy and important you are. This also gives the impression that you have valuable content and people do like your website.


Increase sales and ROI

Just imagine having a lot of those quality profile backlinks pointing to your website. for each of them, you stand a chance of getting visitors and clicks and more so customers who are willing to buy your products. This works pretty well, especially when you are doing very well on those sites where your link is placed. The more people you have visiting your website from those profile links, the more chances you have of selling your products and services which will ultimately lead to more revenue.



Submitting your site to those websites that allow your to list URL or links  is great but you have to consider few things before engaging in profile backlinks creation process. I will advise for a little research on those sites to ascertain the Domain and Page authorities of those sites before putting your URLs on them. This is because sites with higher domain and page authorities carry a lot of weight and that applies to the links you place in them too. So a little bit of research would help you get the right sites to create profile backlinks on.


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