49 Days… Until Vegas!

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I’m very excited. In seven week’s I’ll be in Las Vegas. I am bummed out that I’ll miss Chris Halverson by one day. He’s going to be there the weekend before me. Perhaps I can persuade bursa303.city  and Mrs. Double to make the trip out from L.A. for one or two days… so we can school some fresh fish (college kids on a late Spring Break) in that $100 NL ring game at the Bellagio. Alas, I will be on a fishing trip, of sorts… Phish is playing three shows and is the main reason I’m going. I posted some nice pictures of Phish in Miami. Take a peek. Anthony and Matt were two guys I never played with before. Yes Rick was all fired up to redeem himself after getting knocked out very early in the Classic. He came out firing and didn’t stop reloading all night! Yep, Rick took down over $300 to prove his early exit was just a fluke and he’ll be a force to be reckoned with next time! (Editor’s Note: I could not help myself… I wanted to incorporate some Fat Guy speak into my blog… and “reckoned” was the best a Yankee like myself could muster up!)

Alas, early on I got schooled by Rick heads-up in a Seven Card Stud game. I forgot the specifics but he had a fullhouse and I had a weak two pair. Rick took $35 of my money that pot.

In a game of Omaha hi/lo… Anthony caught four 6s! He had pocket 6s and he caught runner-runner 6s on the turn & river to beat Ferrari in one of the weirdest pots of the night.

Big Pots!

Let me say that last night was only my third appearance at Ferrari’s… but there were no less than 6 pots that were over $120 each!! A few were bigger. The Anaconda (the game where you pass 3 cards to your right… then 2 cards… then 1…) games got out of control. I won one with a full house 9s over 6s when Anthony had K-K-A-A showing… I had a feeling he was bluffing the fullboat and I was correct. Another time, I was attempting to lock up a low hand… and I passed three eights (one eight each time)… to Joel on my right. It was a costly mistake, because he had four eights!! Ferrari hazed me pretty good and the rest of the night I made sure I knew exactly what I gave away.

By 11:30 I was down $35 after playing 4 hours. Rick was on a huge run. He had stacks and stacks of $5 chips.

Coach came a little late and won a big Omaha pot with a straight. I had to split a low-pot with Anthony when we both had A-2. I lost money on that hand.

I called a round of $4-8 hold’em, which was the only game all night where I won some decent money. I am on the button, Swish bets and I bring in a raise with Ah-8h. The flop: As-9h-6h. I have top pair with a nut flush draw. Swish bet and I re-raised. On the turn: 8c. I now have two pair with one more card for a flush. Swish bet and I re-raised. However, he re-raised me back! Since there was no cap on betting between heads up we went back and forth, betting four or five times before he just called. I started to worry about what he had. The river: 5h. I just got my nut flush. Swish bet and I raised. He re-raised! I could not believe it… there’s not a better feeling in poker than when someone raises you when you have the nuts! We went back and forth a couple of times re-raising each other. That’s when Swish said, “Look, we’re going to be doing this all night. How many chips do you have left? Let’s just end this now.”

I had $29 left. The pot was well over $100 at that point. I went all-in and he called. I turned over my nut flush and he flipped over A-7o. He caught a straight on the river and I had him beat the entire hand. He shook his head and said something like, “I didn’t expect the flush!” Ouch. Now I went up $50! I was down all night and that swing put me into positive territory. It was all downhill from there.

Wild Card Games = Poor Pauly

Swish got his revenge on me. During a round of Seven Card Stud (with Deuces wild) I lost when I had three aces. Swish slow rolled his down cards and said something like, “You know that move Three Kings? Well… I got four of them!” He turned over two 2s and two Kings. Ouch. Fuckin’ wild cards cost me $75.


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