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This has done Prokofiev proud! I didn't realise this was only 30 minutes long, but it manages to feel like a full length feature because of the exquisite animation and of course the fabulous music.
The main thing that struck me when I started watching this, was the realism of the models used. they are so lifelike in both visuals and movement. Peter himself has the most emotive eyes, every scene where his eyes are visible mesmerises you as a viewer - it really is amazing how this film grips you.
The truth is, if the visuals had been poor, the film would still have been watchable as long as the music was well performed. In this case the music is fantastic and the visuals are the best I've seen in modelwork, this raises this beyond film, beyond art, and into another realm.
I can watch this over and over again. So much attention to detail has been given to this project. Little things such as movements of hands are done brilliantly. One of my favourite images is that of the Duck after Peter is locked back in the yard by his Grandfather. The Duck looks a bit forlorn and stares at the gate wondering if Peter is 'coming back out to play' - he raises his wings slightly a few times, you have to see it to understand exactly what I mean. But it gives the Duck a real feel of character.
I love this film, and hopefully you will too.

Geraldine Mynors
Brilliant classical story. This is a brilliant version of a classic tale. Prokofiev's music sublimely played by the great Philharmonia Orchestra . A must buy for every family with young children.
This is a stunning reinterpretation of Peter and the Wolf. We went to see the world premiere of this film at the Royal Albert Hall this autumn. It is totally stunning - very bleak and dark, and evocative of the Soviet era, but at the same time highly original and very funny in places. Our four year old loved it, but generally I would say that this version (which took years to make) is more aimed at adults and older children. Buy it for Christmas - you will love it.

Paul Birch
Simply magical! I saw this animation for the first time on Channel 4 tonight, Christmas Eve 2006, and was totally transfixed! It takes quite a bit for a program on TV to move me, but this had me moist-eyed throughout. As there is no dialogue the emotion is all in the expessions - and what expessions! Peter's eyes alone say far more than words ever could. I URGE you to see this wonderful production! If it doesn't come away with Oscars, etc. there will be no justice. I will be ordering a copy as soon as it is available!

T. Haillay
A brilliantly realised labour of love.The wonderful film aside, the DVD is worth having for the generous extras, including behind the scenes interviews and a feature on the making of the film. The work-in-progress detail including the hand-built rigs necessary for some of the more difficult animation is fascinating as is the explanation of the use of CGI to edit those same sequences. A complete joy... how about Stanley and Dog on DVD?

B. L. Hargrave
Agree with all the rest. This inspired me to make my own animation. (Not quite to the same standard perhaps, but ok!)
This is one of the most captivating films I've seen in a long time. Animation, when its done this well, can draw you in far deeper than film. The models are amazingly good, as is the quality of the animation.
There is humour, darkness and a complex understanding of the story of Peter and the Wolf.



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