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- Suzie Templeton

- Hugh Welchman
- Alan Dewhurst

Co - Producers:
- Se-ma-for Studios
- Storm Studios

Executive Producers:
- Lars Hellebust
- Simon Olswang
- Luc Toutounghi

Music Director:
- Mark Stephenson

Music Education Specialist:
- Michael Spencer

Director of Sales & Marketing:
- Neil Mundy


LUC TOUTOUNGHI - Executive Producer

Luc is a Director of Kreis Holdings Ltd, Kreis Group Managing Director and a founder of Archangel SA. He has more than two decades experience in the international financial services industry, operating from Switzerland and the UK. Companies worked for include Merrill Lynch, Nomura, Nikko and Yamaichi. He is responsible for Group marketing and co-responsible for business strategy for the Company.


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